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The Prices/Services include:

  • AT Certificate
  • Asset Record & Test Results
  • Pass or Fail labels
  • Invoice will be issued
  • Travel Expenses
  • Commuting Time
  • Free Minor Repairs of:

- Incorrectly wired plug

- Replacement of incorrect or blown fuses

  • Free Retest following a Minor Repair*1
  • Reminder when retesting is due (If requested)
  • No Call out Charge
  • The Price is ALL Inclusive and VAT FREE
  • Paperwork is emailed on the Same Day *2
  • No Extra Charge for 110 volt items
  • A FIXED Price for THREE Years

1* Re-testing is free of charge if taking place on same chargeable site visit

2* For up to 100 tested appliances - when payment has cleared)

MAJOR FAULTS - We do not undertake major repairs. This would in the minds of some, jeopardise our position as impartial testers.

We therefore have no vested interest in seeing your appliances fail as we are not looking for additional work.

How much does it cost?

We endeavour to ensure all our clients receive most fair PAT testing price available in the area we operate.

The price will depend on:

- The type and number of items that need testing

- The environment where the appliances are used (Office, workshop, etc)

- Location & timing

- How fast the payment is made

Our price structure is simple

The quote is agreed before the start of job and there no hidden extras.

Please use the below prices for a guidance:

    Minimum Charge is £30 only

    Includes up to 14 appliances 

15 to 50 items - @ £1.70 per item (Minimum Charge applies)

51 to 100 items - @ £1.60 per item (Minimum Charge applies)

101 to 200 items - @ £1.50 per item (No Minimum Charge applied)

201 to 300 items - @ £1.35 per item (No Minimum Charge applied)

301 to 400 items - @ £1.25 per item (No Minimum Charge applied)

401 to 500 items - @ £1.15 per item (No Minimum Charge applied)

501 to 1000 items - @ £1.05 per item (No Minimum Charge applied)

1001 to 2,000 items - @ £0.75 per item (No Minimum Charge applied)

Over 2000 items - @ £0.65 per item (No Minimum Charge applied)

Please note:

The above prices apply for appliances with 3 Pin Plug

Extra charge will apply for plug replacement if requested (£5.00 for part and labour)

These prices are dependant on being given free and easy access.

*** We appreciate your fast payment which will help us to keep our prices competitive ***

Check our Feedback and Book with Confidence and start to the benefit like many of our current clients.

  •      FREE Written Simple Risk Assessment for MUSICIANS
       (We will provide your with a Simple Risk Assessment to show to your clients in order to demonstrate that you take their H&S seriously).

Z Electronics is a trading name of Jobz Services Limited

Jobz Services Ltd. Registered in England Number 10339901